System for control multimedia displays/kiosks for exhibitions. Terminals are simple PCs running windows/linux with flash plugin. Control machine (could be one from the terminals) is running server application with control capabilities.


Provides simple GUI but is generaly hidden in runtime. Provides 2 playmodes: interactive and timed.

  • timed mode - automatic content control defined by screenplay-file (txt) synchronised with soundtrack or blank soundfile. Synchro connection via IP sockets, latency <10s on LAN.
  • interactive mode - control by special devices (Logitech G13, Novation Launchpad) using predefined content-sets.

Coded in Pascal/Delphi. Windows only.



(Client) Multimedia app

Multiplatform fullscreen media viewer (Win, Linux, Android) supporting still images and video. Coded in Flash. Media stored locally. The network carries commands only.






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