Happy reggae video from SnowWave Millenium camp where nothing important were done, but we enjoy it ... as you can see :D

Veselé reggae video ze SnowWave Millenium campu kde se sice nic moc důležitého nestalo, ale užili jsme si to ... jak ostatně můžete vidět :D


Subtitles 1 - voices: Oh, yeah! Fireman are coming! In line! Heh, somebody falls. Assholes! We wanna some tricks! It's not even shining! Wooooow! Andrej and Martina are the best .... >:]

Subtitles 2 - real subtitles: We call SnowWave ... and we say good bye to millenium how we like to ... our names are Andrej, Kaca, Asiat, RoZ, BlueMAX, Klara, Homeboy, Jozo, Barca, Aron, Jana, Viktor, Hoc, Lenka, Had, Annie and M.i.X ... nobody of us turn 720, do rodeo or win a contest ... and do you think it make sense?

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