Konec světa
The End of the World


Complex multimedia (4D) installation serving experience of space-born global catastrophe. On-air drom Dec 2012 to Oct 2013 serving approx 5000 visitors (>1500 runs). The installation takes a visitor into the military-style bunker equiped with 5.1 sound, experience devices (vibration-generator, heatwave etc.) and view to the video-mapped scene of the surrounding landscape. The show, lasting 15 min introduces three scenarios of global catastrophes: the impact of a large comet, the explosion of near supernova and the death of the Sun. At the start of each part a short introduction video is played on a screen inside the bunker. After that, the visitor can use stylish windows to enjoy outer view supported by the all 4D stuff. The installation is fully automatic (start-stop) and driven by 3 computers connected by MIDI bus. For used software and components see technical specs.


  • former idea
  • production
  • hardware design and construction
  • videomapping and graphics
  • sound and light design
  • programming and integration
  • design and construction of "the bunker" 


- videomapping samples -

- behind the scene -

- bunker -




Design-time sample




Technical solution

  • 3 Win7/WinXP workstations: sequencer/videomapping engine/video player
  • 3 Benq projectors powered by Matrox TripleHead2Go
  • total videomapping resolution 3840x1024px
  • realtime video effects by Resolume Arena
    (behaving as a "detached instrument" od FL studio)
  • tight synchronisation of components via MIDI bus
  • FL Studio used for sound design, performing 5+1+1 sound
    and playing MIDI commands for rest of the system
  • lights and high-power devices controlled by Behringer LC2412 DMX console
  • realtime control track recording done using M-Audio, AKAI & Casio MIDI controlers

---HW scheme (PDF)

Scene and "auditorium" visualisation






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